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Additions and Corrections:
The nature of publishing cruising guides in print form inherently means that some information will change between the cycle of our research, editing, and publishing date… as well as long after the books are in the hands of active boaters. This “Additions/Corrections” section of our Maptech Embassy Guides website will endeavor to keep you abreast of the more significant changes, plus correct any errors, in the interim before a new updated edition of each guide is published. These additions and corrections are not intended to replace official notices such the Coast Guard’s Local Notice to Mariners. Nor can we realistically capture every detail which might change in the thousands of marine facilities we visit and research… but we try!

As always, prudent planning must be the starting point for any nautical adventure. And while you are experiencing that adventure and the cruising life-style—whether it be a day trip or a coastal odyssey—we invite and encourage our readers to tell us what’s new along the waterways. It’s as easy as sending us an e-mail to cruiseguides@maptech.com, or use snail mail (Embassy Cruising Guides Editor, Richardsons’ Maptech, 90 Hatch Street, First Floor, New Bedford, MA 02745 USA) if that’s more your style and preference. We can also be reached via (508) 990-9020 - just ask to be directed to the editor of the Embassy Cruising Guides.

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