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Maptech is proud to announce that we are now selling and supporting The CAPN (sometimes referred to as CAPN Voyager, or CAPN Voyager Mosaic. We welcome to the Maptech family the thousands of customers who have relied upon The CAPN for over fifteen years.

CAPN: First Mate was a less-expensive edition of The CAPN and was discontinued before Maptech's acquisition of The CAPN. As such, Maptech does not have the resources to support customers with First Mate. However, we are offering a special promotion for any customer with First Mate to upgrade to the full version of The CAPN. Please call us at 888-839-5551 for details.

New Manual/User Guide Available:
As part of our investment into The CAPN, we have revised and rewritten the user guide that accompanies The CAPN. Download your free copy, here.

Compatibility Note:
Older versions of The CAPN (released prior to August 3, 2006) are not fully compatible with many of Maptech's BSB Chart CDs. Be sure to download the free update to ensure compatibility, available here.

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